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What Upkeep Does Your Garage Door Need?

by Budget Garage Doors Rancho Cucamonga on April 6, 2017

Overhead Garage Doors Maintenance

As a homeowner, you are responsible for looking after the condition of your home. Your garage door deserves special attention. You can do your own annual inspections for safety and convenience sake. In this article, you will see more information about the maintenance overhead garage doors need:

High-quality garage door maintenance services in Rancho Cucamonga, CACheck your door’s hardware every once in a while

This is of the utmost importance. Because you open and close it several times every day, the hardware can loosen. So, inspect all bolts and nuts and tighten them occasionally if you wish your door to function the way it should.

Lubricate all springs, chains, and seals

Using a special grease machine, you have to apply a small amount of it on your door’s springs, seals, and chains. Just spray them generously every couple of months if you use your garage door intensively, this way, you will prolong its lifespan.

Test your door occasionally

Testing the balance of your garage door on a regular basis is a must. That’s because a properly balanced garage door suffers fewer breakdowns and failures in general. First, you have to disengage the opener by pulling it to release the handle. After that, lower it halfway. If it is balanced, it will stop right there without assistance. But if not, it will ride back up because the springs are under a lot of pressure. The spring tension will have to be adjusted by a specialist as this is tricky work.

Additional recommendations

Make a habit of watching your garage door every time you operate it, this with will save you a lot of stress and costly repairs. Remember, the safety of you and home depends on the way your door functions. Also, make sure nothing obstructs normal operation. To do this, sweeping and cleaning your garage regularly will prevent dirt and dust building up on the door’s essential components.

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